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15th November 2021

Updated Canmore Guide

Will Gadd's Guide to Canmore (updated November 15, 2021) Note - If I've left your favorite place off the list please drop me an email I'll include it. Canmore has really taken off i... Read more »

14th November 2021

Canadian Rockies Ice Climbing Planning

Welcome to the Canadian Rockies, home of big ice, expensive beer and stoked people! I often get asked for information about climbing here, so I've written a few documents that I hope will he... Read more »

23rd October 2021

Canadian Rockies Climbing Seasons: Ice, Alpine, Rock

Canadian Rockies Climbing Cycle: Ice, Alpine, Rock, repeat! By Will Gadd, November 2021 I'm often asked, “So, what’s the best season to climb in the Rockies?” I wrote the followi... Read more »

27th January 2021

What can I do about climate change?

What can I do about climate change? Why do anything? For me, it's personal. In the last five years I’ve worked on glacial/climate research projects in Greenland, Africa and Canada, and ... Read more »

9th December 2017

Play Safe, the “Ice Climber’s Responsibility Code”

"Well, I didn't hit him the picks so I wasn't trying to kill him!" Twenty years ago two enraged Colorado ice climbers in Boulder Canyon went at each other with their ice tools. One of the de... Read more »

13th September 2017

Three Sisters Traverse Notes

Three Sisters Traverse Notes. Will Gadd, Sarah Hueniken, July 4, 2017 Notes written September 12, 2017. Big thanks to Ben and Cia Gadd for the pickup, pizza and beer! The Three Sisters d... Read more »

26th June 2017

Alpine Climbing Notes

Alpine climbing is awesome. Being up high, the sun rising, moving over vast amounts of terrain while feeling comfortable, deep experiences with friends, it's just a great form of climbing. ... Read more »

15th June 2017

All my strengths are weaknesses and vice versa

Many years ago I was interviewing for a job I really, really needed, and the interviewer asked me, "So, you've got some strengths here, but what's your greatest weakness?" I said something a... Read more »

1st May 2017

Goodbye Ueli.

Aw shit Ueli. I’m really sorry you didn’t make it. The last time I saw you we walked and climbed here in Canmore, and then you raced up the mountains I’m looking out at now with the de... Read more »

7th February 2017

Ice and Rock Grades, A Review and Perspective

As climbers we love grades. The bigger the number the better, the closer to the line of personally possible/not possible the better, and the harder we have to fight to succeed the better we ... Read more »


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