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Latest Adventures

Will Gadd becomes the first person to ice climb Niagara Falls

Nat Geo Adventurer of the Year – is the first person to ever go UP the falls. How? Well, he's one of the world's best ice climbers, and Niagara Falls was frozen. At... Read more »

Climbing the last ice at the top of Africa’s Mt Kilimanjaro

project on Helmcken Falls (most of the Kili ice routes topped out around 60m) – but altitude. “At 6,000m, it's tough to walk,” says Will. Once arriving at the gl... Read more »

Climbing Spray Ice Helmcken Falls

I HAD won a Spray On” and gave it a grade of WI10—three grades higher than the world’s previous hardest ice climb. When OUR picks entered the icicles there, it... Read more »

Climbing Sea Stacks in Newfoundland

Will Gadd, well known Canadian climber and Arc’teryx adventurer, had a vision to climb Newfoundland’s sea stacks, those iconic pillars of rock that characterize the... Read more »

Gadd Fearless Planet D-Bag Paraglider

D-bagging from a motorized hang glider in Australia with Chris Santacroce and Will Gadd. Part of the Impossible Pictures Fearless Planet series for the Discovery Channe... Read more »

Wild Underground Ice Climbing in Sweden

“I have climbed ice for a long time, and I thought I knew everything about this game. I was wrong.” Where will ice climbers go if climate change destroys the world's ... Read more »


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