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Climbing Sea Stacks in Newfoundland

Date: 5th April 2015

Will Gadd, well known Canadian climber and Arc’teryx adventurer, had a vision to climb Newfoundland’s sea stacks, those iconic pillars of rock that characterize the island’s coastline.

Protruding from the water, off the coast of Newfoundland close to East Trinity, are a series of rocks known as sea stacks that represented unchartered territory for climbers. That was until last month. With 30 years of experience, and wanting to try something new, Gadd gave the Sea Stacks Project a go.

“These are terra incognita – nobody has climbed these things,” said Gadd. “We don’t know how to get on them, we don’t know how to get off them… we don’t even know if they’ll stay standing!”

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