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27th July 2016

Looking Fear In The Eye

"Fear is the mind-killer." Frank Herbert, Dune. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRLyGwSE8-A When I speak or do media interviews I'm often asked how I deal with fear. There is an expect... Read more »

3rd May 2016

Five Ideas for Fitness

I recently wrote a Anyhow, here's the link, I'd welcome your thoughts on it. I'm slowly chewing away on a book on the subject, your comments can help make it better, cheers.... Read more »

29th March 2016

Social Media: A Bold New Plan.

I use social media and love consuming it, but I am deeply dissatisfied with how it looks, what it says, and especially how I create it. I haven't posted on Instagram in two weeks because i... Read more »

27th March 2015

Ten Training Tips for Lifelong Athletes

I'm 48. I just had the best 12 months of my athletic career. Crazed months of travel, flying, climbing, kids, speaking, guiding, writing, repeat with more events and less time than I wanted.... Read more »

17th February 2015

Pectre Ice Hooks for Niagara

I'll share more about the Niagara climb once it all settles out a bit, but I've had a lot of questions about the proto ice gear I used, and I have a few minutes so here's some quick info: ... Read more »

14th January 2015

A simple fix: Frontpoints and Tibialis Anterior

I've been ... Read more »

31st July 2014

Vol Bivy Commentary

I'm on a paragliding expedition right now, I thought some people might be interested in the thinking that went into how we're approaching the trip... Some "Vol Bivy" personal history, kinda... Read more »

18th June 2014

Reader Question: Manual Labour or Office Job for Mountaineering?

Hi Ryan, This is an interesting question (question below), thanks, mind if I strip it down a bit and use some form of my response on my blog? In any case, short answer below, and keep on ge... Read more »

30th May 2014

Strength Question

I often receive emails about training, sports, life, good stuff I like. Here's a recent one that made me think, thought others might enjoy it too. For those who didn't read my post on ... Read more »

27th April 2014

Spring Bow Valley Linkup

Spring is technically defined as the equinox, when the day and the night are of equal length. In most places this means flowers, rainstorms, and green grass for the easter bunnies to munch. ... Read more »


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