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12th August 2016

Updated Canmore Guide

Will Gadd's Guide to Canmore (updated October 5th, 2016) Note - If I've left your favorite place off the list please drop me an email I'll include it. Canmore has really taken off i... Read more »

27th July 2016

Looking Fear In The Eye

"Fear is the mind-killer." Frank Herbert, Dune. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRLyGwSE8-A When I speak or do media interviews I'm often asked how I deal with fear. There is an expect... Read more »

3rd May 2016

Five Ideas for Fitness

I recently wrote a Anyhow, here's the link, I'd welcome your thoughts on it. I'm slowly chewing away on a book on the subject, your comments can help make it better, cheers.... Read more »

29th March 2016

Social Media: A Bold New Plan.

I use social media and love consuming it, but I am deeply dissatisfied with how it looks, what it says, and especially how I create it. I haven't posted on Instagram in two weeks because i... Read more »

27th March 2015

Ten Training Tips for Lifelong Athletes

I'm 48. I just had the best 12 months of my athletic career. Crazed months of travel, flying, climbing, kids, speaking, guiding, writing, repeat with more events and less time than I wanted.... Read more »

17th February 2015

Pectre Ice Hooks for Niagara

I'll share more about the Niagara climb once it all settles out a bit, but I've had a lot of questions about the proto ice gear I used, and I have a few minutes so here's some quick info: ... Read more »

14th January 2015

A simple fix: Frontpoints and Tibialis Anterior

I've been ... Read more »

31st July 2014

Vol Bivy Commentary

I'm on a paragliding expedition right now, I thought some people might be interested in the thinking that went into how we're approaching the trip... Some "Vol Bivy" personal history, kinda... Read more »

18th June 2014

Reader Question: Manual Labour or Office Job for Mountaineering?

Hi Ryan, This is an interesting question (question below), thanks, mind if I strip it down a bit and use some form of my response on my blog? In any case, short answer below, and keep on ge... Read more »

30th May 2014

Strength Question

I often receive emails about training, sports, life, good stuff I like. Here's a recent one that made me think, thought others might enjoy it too. For those who didn't read my post on ... Read more »


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