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17th December 2013

Comp Psyche, More Bozeman climbing.

Competition Mindset [caption id="attachment_1990" align="alignleft" width="960"]... Read more »

16th December 2013

Arc’teryx Bozeman Ice Festival Recap

It's been a week of Bozeman, and it's been a really good week. I first climbed in Bozeman about 15 years ago. I was on a season-long tour of basically every ice festival and event in North A... Read more »

13th December 2013

All Mixed Up, Again. M12s, Olympics, Modded Tools, boom.

I'm in the midst of the winter season now, on the only day I've had "off" for months, which feels great and gives me some time to write this post. Winter for me means long drives on roads yo... Read more »

19th November 2013

Don’t believe the Hype

Twenty years ago I read Nathan Pritikin's books on exercise and diet, as well as Covert Bailey's, and decided that basically I was going to live on vegetables, rice, bread and tuna. I was tr... Read more »

9th October 2013

It doesn’t matter what, but do it.

I ... Read more »

2nd October 2013

Functional Strength: 4 exercises that matter for sport and life.

Most of us want to be more physically functional, at whatever level we need to function at. My list of important movements is very broad, from climbing to getting my truck unstuck to picking... Read more »

5th September 2013

Anchor Clipping #2 (Now 3)

I just spent a really interesting half hour on the phone with Kirk Mauthner of ... Read more »

3rd September 2013

Anchor Clipping

Anchor Clipping, Direct Anchor Belays (edited Sept 4). ... Read more »

8th July 2013

Working too hard to climb hard

My irrepressible and unrepressed friend ... Read more »

29th May 2013

Performing better (while older or younger)

This spring I've put a fair number of days into sport climbing, and it has paid off. I'm climbing close--but not there yet--as hard on rock as I was in my mid-20s, even though I'm now 46. Ye... Read more »


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