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Will Gadd

Will Gadd was the first person to climb a frozen Niagara Falls not because he was crazy, but because he could convince everyone from the Governor of New York down to the local state police that climbing Niagara would be a great adventure they wanted to be part of. That process took years of listening, hard work and preparation, and ended with the mayor giving him the keys to the city. And that’s just the most recent adventure in a wildly successful career spanning more than 30 years of high adventure from Africa to Greenland.

Will speaks on the topics he lives daily: Resiliency, seizing opportunity, risk and reward, high performance outcomes and success in hazardous environments. His always entertaining but professional presentations are based on his successful career as an athlete, director, author, and dad (his humorous story of teaching his daughters hazard recognition systems always resonates ). He has a lifetime of inspirational, carefully organized stories and images, and builds all his presentations for the specific challenges and goals of the groups he works with. He’s spoken to more than 200 organizations around the globe, and loves learning and presenting to new and repeat clients.

All his shows are entertaining based on the professional images and video alone, but they go deeper into questions about the value of adventure, why not taking risks is a much bigger hazard than taking them, and how to recognize the “unknown unknowns” that often trip us up professionally. His life experience ranges from running a qualitative market research company to leading large film teams into very hazardous environments. He’s funny, charismatic, professional and relates well to audiences ranging from senior management at some of the top companies in the world to at-risk youth. He is currently working on a new television series on the most radical places on earth.

Recent Clients


Boehringer Ingelheim

Atlantic Canada Army Leadership



Canadian Olympic Committee, “Own the Podium” program.


Pason Engineering

Canadian Home Builder’s Association

Alberta Home Builder’s Association

University of BC

Atlanta Medical Centre

Canadian Cardiolgists Association
Northwest Anesthesioligists


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