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This will get you psyched.

Date: 22nd October 2012

This is pretty darn neat–first V14 done by a woman or something. V14. I can remember when V8 was “rad,” and few men and no women climbed at that level. Not only is it great to watch, but to me it shows that whether you’re male or female perceived performance limits are mostly in our own heads, not laws of physics that need to be obeyed… I have no idea who this woman is, but she’s rad, and I am inspired to train better.


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  1. Pooja   February 12, 2016 10:52 am

    that EVERYONE, both high level and low level climbers have life pusesrres. I am saying that ultimately life pusesrres are not in control of you, but you can be in control of them if you have the right attitude to them (the right attitude in this sense being one that leads to performance). The attitude that is needed for this is that the exercise of free will and application are what makes the difference between progression or lack of it in sport.Of course some people are luckier than others to have less outside pusesrres, but to think that athletes succeed because of this is mistaken. Athletes succeed because they work harder, plan better, and find ways to deal with pusesrres so they can avoid being limited by them. That is what I have seen in my study of sport. Life is full of examples of extrordinary achievements made under exceptional life pusesrres. This demonstrates that attitude is key, not luck or fortune. So when coaching climbers, I would take account of general life pusesrres and the constraints they put on time and energy, just as I have done for my own climbing, and work with them rather than be defeated by them.

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