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I present to small and large audiences all over the world. Sometimes the audience and I are all in suits, sometimes it’s all about pure entertainment. I share my adventures and the lessons I’ve learned while taking risks that many would view as “crazy.” No two presentations are the same; the first thing I do when someone asks me what my presentations are about is ask him or her questions: what’s important, what risk and reward means to them personally and to the group they represent, and why they called me. I then build my presentation to fit their need. Within that are usually some common themes:

Risk and Reward: understanding the most basic equation of every new situation. I offer tools I’ve learned through survival in some incredibly difficult situations.

The positive power of negative thinking: why thinking positive thoughts is nowhere near enough to build real confidence and success. How to turn a great idea into reality.

Motivation: Why will a climber risk his or her life for nothing more than the opportunity to stand in a cold, lonely and dangerous place? Because he wants to. I don’t think people need more motivation, they need passion and desire, they need to want “it.” What is “it?”


My presentations won’t motivate anyone to do something they don’t want to do. But my shows will help individuals and organizations truly see the world and themselves differently.

Recent Client List:

Garrett College
University of BC
Atlanta Medical Centre
Canadian Cardiolgists Association
Northwest Anesthesioligists
Kendall Mountain Film
Dundee Mountain Film