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The Canmore Guide:
Where to eat, sleep, drink, etc. in Canmore.

The Aerobic Pages.
Huck-a-lung adventures in the Rockies. Updated regularly (read a funny run disclaimer here), lots of ideas for burning calories in the Rockies.

The Gadfly pages.
This was a blog before Blogs existed. Pre-2006. No editing, no censorship, no spell checking, just reports and rants from Will Gadd and occasionally others.

Ice and Mixed Climbing: Modern Technique.
Yep, the book Roger and I did on ice and mixed climbing is out, yeah!

Used Gear for New Climbers:
We all have old harnesses, shoes, carabiners, clothing, tents or other gear lurking in the closet. Why not give it to someone who can truly use it? I’m gathering old shoes, harnesses, ‘biners, clothes, tents and anything else people might have lurking in their basement. I send this gear to clubs or organizations in developing countries that have climbing programs but lack the financial clout to buy gear.