Newtown Shootings: It’s the mix that’s toxic.

December 17, 2012
Will Gadd

Newtown Shootings: It’s our whole North American culture that’s sick, and that likely includes you and me. Let’s top blaming segments and look at the whole: too many kids sitting around alone in dark rooms playing violent video games. Too little good health care, especially mental health care. Ridiculous NRA idiots (and I own guns, don’t start that). A society that widely believes in delusional idiocy like “The Secret” and religious fundamentalism is going to produce citizens who can’t tell the difference between reality and shooting other citizens. Eat complete garbage for decades, mix in anti-depressants, anti-hyperactive drugs, never exercise, never get smacked in the face with a tree branch or smell a fresh pine tree and reality will become something else. Watch greed-head TV where money and fake boobs are worshipped over taking care of others or being a good citizen. Continue poisoning our environment and ourselves with complex chemical interactions that are only faintly understood, but even what we understand is bad. Drill the hell out of everything with ever-more damaging environmentally disastrous methods so we can delay the inevitable transition to running our economy on something other than fossil fuels. Pay so much interest on the debt and money into the military budget (yet not spend enough on our serving soldiers or vets, another crime) that there’s not much left over. Mix in huge class sizes and low-paid teachers, and to me it’s not surprising insanity like Newtown happens, it’s only surprising it doesn’t happen more often. No one component in the above screed is fatally toxic (and I missed hundreds), it’s the mix that’s toxic.

So, North America, anyone want to actually CHANGE how things work? Get outside more often, eat better, have decent health care, get some reasonable gun laws on the books, stop driving around in cars so much, love each other more and be better humans? If the answer is yes then things might change, otherwise expect more Newtowns. So let’s stop looking at the one pet cause we all want to blame, and recognize that if things continue on as they are we are truly screwed. Change.