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I offer skills and perception coaching for ice climbing, rock climbing, paragliding or any combination of these sports. What I teach is how to be a more skilled, powerful and aware animal in the mountains. My basic guarantee is that if you don’t feel like you’ve learned more in a weekend with me than you have in the last year on your own then you keep your money. I’m not cheap, but I provide good value. Please contact me if you would like to talk more. My maximum group size is three–you, a friend, and me. If I’m going to work with you as a coach then you need to have the basic sport skills to assure your own safety–I’m not a guide or basic instructor (please contact me for guiding recommendations, I have some great people for you!).

If you’re a novice then that’s fantastic and best of luck with the most joyous part of learning a new sport! If you are a novice please contact me, I’ll help with finding good schools and people for free. I owe a long list of people who did far more than that for me. But my version of personal coaching isn’t for you. Yet.