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Canadian Rockies climbing information:
A description of the seasonal climbing cycle around Canmore. Best times of year to visit for ice, rock, etc.

CASA: A good cause, join up to help preserve cliff access.

Climbing writing by Will Gadd:

The spring link, 2004:
Climbing the North Face of Athabasca, Polar Circus and Directissima on Yam in 20 hours with Raphael Slawinski

Spring Link, 2002:
Polar Circus, Upper and Lower Weeping Wall, Curtain Call with Scott Semple.

Climbing Movement Theory:
Ditch the weights and learn how to CLIMB. Read this and climb at least a letter grade harder…

Winter Summary: Brief reports on what I did with my winter
X Games, Courchevel, Festiglace, Ouray, etc.

Older articles/gear reviews: BD ATC Guide Review, March 20th, 2006. I spend about 200 days a year trusting my life to various pieces of gear. New gear, busted gear, cool stuff in the prototype zone.