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13th April 2012

Climbers and Elbow Tendonitis

This started off as the reply to an email but it's now a post. NOTE: I've got zero training for this topic, go read my friend¬†... Read more »

13th April 2012

Two Quotes

I'm writing a piece on the role of spiritualism in the mountains. I'm about as spiritual as a tin can, so I've had to research the idea some. The piece is likely doomed to failure, but I hav... Read more »

11th April 2012

Spring: Spring Training!

Alright, it's SPRING in some parts of the world now, and my snow-blind eyes and pasty skin are rejoicing. In the last few weeks I've been in Maine (definitely NOT spring), Charlotte, North C... Read more »

26th March 2012

Indecision=not good.

Information processing If it's not obvious to go up or down on a climb or in any outdoor situation then it's probably time to call the day/go down/leave. I learned this idea years ago in ka... Read more »

25th March 2012

Survival Strategies for High-Risk Environments, Spring, Ice Climbing Tips First, the ... Read more »

11th February 2012

Bits and Pieces: hand strength to Spray!

A big thanks to everyone who commented on the... Read more »

21st January 2012

Climbing, Spray, Death, Life

In the last month I've been to Europe twice, taken an avalanche course, an ice guiding course, skied the sickest powder ever in Chamonix, climbed a bunch, had sick kids infect me (healed), a... Read more »

8th December 2011

Short Post: Bourne Double, more “Secure” insecurity.

It's been a mad two weeks--rigging on a commercial with some good friends, stunt doubling for Jason Bourne in the new Bourne movie, now packing and getting read to head for my level 1 avalan... Read more »

26th November 2011

Thoughts from Ed (Avalanche survivor)

I privately emailed Ed, ... Read more »

25th November 2011

Tough Enough

The video below (and linked ... Read more »


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