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I grew up in a family that hiked, climbed and went into the mountains whenever they could. Some of my earliest memories are of long backpacking trips, wind-blown summits and surviving winter skip trips. The first sport I really got into on my was caving. When I was 14 I started kayaking. At 16 I bought my first climbing rope, and did my first new rock route. At 25 I first flew a paraglider. At 41 my daughter came into the world. She’s already doing all the stuff I did as a kid, and she’s an athlete too.







Some highlights:

-Establishing the hardest mixed ice climbing lines in the world.

-Setting the world distance record for paragliding. Twice. 423 km (263 miles) the second time.

-Kayaking down dozens of first ascents across North America.

-Winning the Canadian National Sport-Climbing Championships. Four times.

-Winning three gold medals at the X Games. And the Ice Climbing World Cup.

-Winning the US and Canadian Paragliding Nationals.

-Flying my paraglider over the Grand Canyon.

-Climbing icebergs off the coast of Labrador with Ben Firth.

-Flying my paramotor across the USA with Jim Grossman.

-Using supplemental oxygen to explore high carbon-dioxide caves in Thailand.

-Ice climbing in underground mines in Sweden.

-First one-day ascent of the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies, Mt. Robson. Solo.

-Climbing big new rock, ice and alpine routes all over the world.


-Sharing the above through writing, presentations, clinics, TV shows, magazines and on the web.

-Stay tuned.